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4 Atoll Route

The 4 atolls route is the ideal route if it is the first time you visit Maldives. It is the most complete one as it gathers all the diversity we can find in this archipelago, from the big pelagic fish to the wide range of species that dwell in the reefs.

Besides, it is the perfect route any time of the year, because regardless of the monsoon the sight of whale sharks and manta rays is almost guaranteed. In Maldives there are two monsoons: the dry one, from November to April, and the wet one, from May to October. In any case, the climate is tropical and the sun is guarateed in both seasons.

The Thilas are great mountains under the sea that we find from a depth of six meters to a maximum of thirty or fourty. The Giris are the same kind of formation but they are closer to the surface, at a depth of only three meters. There are also Farus, that stand out of the surface of the sea regardless of the tide. The characteristic they have in common is that in all of them we can enjoy carpeted reefs full of life.

In the four atoll route, the last type of dives we will enjoy during life on board are the famous Kandus, “channel” in Maldivian language. It is for many the best dive in the cruise. It takes place in the space between two islands, where the ocean currents slip in the atoll, allowing the entrance of big pelagic fish. Here one can enjoy the near sight of grey sharks, whitetip sharks, carangidae and eagle rays.

South Male Atoll

Pelagics, Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Wreck

Vaavu Atoll

Soft Corals and Pelagic, Nurse Sharks

South Ari Atoll

Whale Sharks, Pinnacles, Manta Rays, Eagle Ray

Noth Ari Atoll

Moral Eels, Gray Reef Sharks, White Tips, Napoleon Wrasse, Jacks & Tuna