October 10, 2017

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The unusual colouring pattern - clown trigger fish.

April 5, 2018

Clown trigger fish got the name because of its unusual colouring and electrifying patterns with a bight orange lips.


Features of Clown Trigger fish.

- Extremely Powerful jaws - they can easily break the shells of mollusks , oysters and crabs which they prefer to eat.  

- The lower half of this fish’s body is black with large, white spots, and the upper half is mostly black with a patch outlined in yellow.





Quick Facts


Family name: Balistidae
Other names: Tetraodontiformes
Common name: Clown Triggerfish
Scientific name: Balistoides conspicillum




Clown Trigger fish belong to the order Tetradontiformes '4-tooth bearing', and the family Balistidae, and are closely related to 9 other families, including cowfishes, filefishes, puffers and leatherjackets among others.


Behaviour - Clown trigger fish hide in creveices when they are in danger. normally it travels alone and at times in paris. 


Reproduction: when spawning time they lay egg  by digging a shallow crater in the sand. After laying the eggs both male and female trigger fish guard the nest until eggs are hatched and the lava float away. 

Where to find them. They live in tropical climates. They inhabit the inner and outer portions of a reef, wherever shellfish and other invertebrates are found, in depths ranging from the shallows down to 75 metres. They are mostly seen swimming openly near steep drop offs although occasionally you will see them in the shallower areas of the reefs.




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