October 10, 2017

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Only Friendly Sharks are permitted in Maldives.

April 7, 2018

Back then in 2009 I completed my first open water course in Austria. My husband was interested in going Maldives on a dive cruise. I joined MV.Eagle Ray for a 7 day dive cruise. Our DM was Sappe who was a well experience dive master and who make jokes around. As I was afraid of Sharks my DM told me “Danela don’t worry only Friendly Sharks are permitted in Maldives” I took this joke a positive statement. Ever since I have done several dives in Maldives and have come across different species of sharks. They are spellbinding creation. As long as you treat them with respect you will have no problems with them.






Here are my list of sharks that are common at different dive sites throughout the year.


  • Grey Reef Shark – the most numerous shark in the atoll. They have a white tip on their dorsal fin and a black tip on their tail fin, reaching up to 2m in length they cruise around in groups where there is current – at the corners and channels.

  • Black Tip Reef Shark – brown in colour with a black tip on all fins, they reach a maximum size of 1.5m. Babies inhabit the shallows near the beach and when they get older they can be seen on the reef tops where they hunt for small fish.

  • Nurse Shark – A yellow-brown colour all over and reaching a length of up to 3m, they are commonly seen in overhangs or sleeping under large coral blocks.

  • Silver Tip Reef Shark – Reaching 3m or more they are large dark grey sharks with a torpedo-like body shape and fluorescent silver tips on all of their fins.

  • White Tip Reef Shark – A long slender shark with white tips on all fins, this species reaches a maximum length of 2m.

  • Lemon Shark – Light brown in colour with a grumpy looking mouth full of teeth!

  • Guitar Fish – Commonly called ‘guitar shark’ due to its fins making it look like a shark, they are actually rays and have a mouth on their underside with an overall shape like a guitar.

  • Zebra Shark – their beautiful spotted pattern often leads people to call them leopard sharks however the stripes they have as babies is where they get their name.

  • Tiger Shark – Reaching more than 4m in size, these sharks have a square shaped head and a very beautiful striped pattern on their sides.

  • Hammerhead Shark – these weird-looking sharks reach 3-4m long and have a very wide, distinctive head shape.

  • Whale shark – The biggest fish in the sea, reaching up to 10m long with a spotted pattern on their sides unique to each individual. Frequently seen on South Ari Ari Atoll. Mostly on the best of Maldives tour divers will be stopping here to see Whale Sharks.

Most of these sharks are possible to see on a liveabord cruise where the divers get a chance to stop at different dive spots, common tour routes are best of Maldives, Central Delight, Best of Down South trips.


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